Habitat Stewardship Group

The Habitat Stewardship Group of Huron Woods is an organization committed to providing  information about species-at-risk , their habitat and the role our properties play in species survival.

If you would like to order native tress for restoration from the Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority you can download the following form from ABCA. Please note, a better selection will be available for spring planting.

Some questions have arisen regarding spruce trees. Following is the response from Ian Jean of the ABCA.

White spruce is native to Ontario but its range is further north, mainly north of highway 8 in this part of the province. Norway spruce is native to Europe. Both are used in southern Ontario for windbreaks, reforestation and landscaping. Neither are considered to be invasive. The spruce are a more tolerant of shade than the pines so they are used a lot in the Grand Bend area for that reason. White pine will tolerate light shade but red pine requires full sun. In areas where the storm has removed the overhead canopy we recommend using the native white and red pine for reforestation.
As I mentioned we are working on accessing a wider variety of species suitable to the dry sands in the storm affected areas. A lot of calls are coming in from people interested in planting this fall so I am working on getting trees such as red pine, white and black oak available for fall purchase. I am still encouraging people to wait for spring as we will have had time to work on something with the GBCF by that time.


Site Restoration in Huron Woods

presentation by Ian Jean at Community Forum on September 21, 2014
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